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Photos from Udaipur, Rajasthan

It was my first time to Udaipur, Rajasthan and that had me all excited to explore a new town. An initial homework on the internet showed me lot of palaces and lakes to explore. On the other hand, it’s a good place for getting some

28 recent traveling photos

27 Recent Traveling Photos

To begin with, taking photos while working is really something motivating at times. Every push of the button of taking picture helps, without delay, to release tons of pressure and stress. A peace of mind Everytime it feels unbearable, rather than becoming angry or irritated,

surveillance cameras for homes

How to install surveillance cameras and view them online

Protecting our houses from burglars should be on top of our to do list. Nowadays, with increasing crimes, we tend to have a lot of problems with strangers. Learn how to install surveillance cameras and view them live all the time from a distance with

Memory photo past winter

My Top Memory photo-gallery past winter 2016 Romania

This past winter was probably the most depressing season of the year. With all the snow and sadness of nature slowly going into slumber. It gives a sense of “another world” sometimes. For me, this past winter was more than this. It’s also time for

My Memory photos from summer

My Top 14 Memory Photos from Summertime in Romania

Each of us have had time to use the time to capture cool memory photos of our experiences. We do it sometimes out of joy, or wonder, or just to assure ourselves that the nature and the moments created with it are immortal. The reality

Photos from summertime

I did not have the chance to add some photos on the blog, photos that i took in summer. I had a great time, visiting mountains, cities that i never been before, places that have that awesome vibe. Oh, Summertime, you have left me, but

Sea gull on arnala beach

A pleasant escape to Arnala beach

After attending college continuously without any break, doing all the assignments on time it gets a lot hectic and one definitely needs to treat himself some peace and calm. This is just a story of an engineering student, but this does apply to everyone who