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My Memory photos from summer

My Top 14 Memory Photos from Summertime in Romania

Each of us have had time to use the time to capture cool memory photos of our experiences. We do it sometimes out of joy, or wonder, or just to assure ourselves that the nature and the moments created with it are immortal. The reality

Photos from summertime

I did not have the chance to add some photos on the blog, photos that i took in summer. I had a great time, visiting mountains, cities that i never been before, places that have that awesome vibe. Oh, Summertime, you have left me, but

Sea gull on arnala beach

A pleasant escape to Arnala beach

After attending college continuously without any break, doing all the assignments on time it gets a lot hectic and one definitely needs to treat himself some peace and calm. This is just a story of an engineering student, but this does apply to everyone who

An Adventurous day at Bhatsa Reservoir

In the past few trips out of Mumbai, I have been visiting various beaches around, like the Kelve Beach, Gholvad beach, Vasai Beach. This time I thought of going into the interior parts away from the sea shore. It had really become monotonous and boring

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WW2 Games

This post is about my top WW2 Games that I am currently playing for fun and WW2 Games that I plan on playing (or played in the past). I always loved WW2 Games, no matter what genre (shooter, rts, mmoarcade etc) because they provide the adrenaline

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Old School DOS Games

Good ol’ childhood memories can still be shared and played using the wonderful emulator softwares. These DOS games were the golden apples of years ’90 -2000 which brought lots of entertainment to the people playing them on an old Windows 95 – 98. Personally I

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4 poster

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4 in development

The infinity ward and Treyarch apparently will be working together for another year to release an another game in the Call of Duty Modern Warfare series. The new game will obviously be Call of Duty Modern warfare 4. The news hasn’t come as a confirmation

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Thunderstorm in Mumbai

As a result of a lot of heat in the past few days, the city of Mumbai had really heated up. The moisture levels had gone up drastically by yesterday afternoon. The temperature peaked to around 34 degrees C by 3pm in the afternoon. The

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Wonderful Rainbow and a pleasant evening

ITs been days since I have seen the sunset with orange tinge in the clouds and wind blowing over my face. That is because the monsoon clouds are always around. Today was something special, the sky had cleared up a bit, and you could see

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How to make cool laser photographs

In this short tutorial I will be showing you how you can use laser to create interesting patterns. Although in this tutorial I will be showing you simpler technique which everyone can do to create interesting laser photographs! You do no need any expensive camera