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WW2 Games

This post is about my top WW2 Games that I am currently playing for fun and WW2 Games that I plan on playing (or played in the past). I always loved WW2 Games, no matter what genre (shooter, rts, mmoarcade etc) because they provide the adrenaline

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Old School DOS Games

Good ol’ childhood memories can still be shared and played using the wonderful emulator softwares. These DOS games were the golden apples of years ’90 -2000 which brought lots of entertainment to the people playing them on an old Windows 95 – 98. Personally I

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4 poster

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4 in development

The infinity ward and Treyarch apparently will be working together for another year to release an another game in the Call of Duty Modern Warfare series. The new game will obviously be Call of Duty Modern warfare 4. The news hasn’t come as a confirmation

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Possible fix to MW2 not working after 1337a patch.

Problem: mp_abandon is not found. This happens when you install the old auto updater. SOLUTION to this problem is to get this UPDATER. When you extract this updater, it wont work if you directly extract into main folder. follow the folowing steps: 1. Open the

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Sniper ghost warrior

Got my hands on this game today. I would say, excellent realistic graphics. Feels very excellent at first. List of stuff what i liked in the game: Exciting bullet cam when you get a headshot. Realistic  graphical environment Very realistic bullet physics except in some parts

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-A fast paced 2D multiplayer game. Different weapons, hundreds of online servers, free, and fun to play. -Continuously developed to give the community a bug free and hacker free environment to enjoy the game. -Hundreds of different mods. -You can add custom scripts to your