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cyclone nanauk and delay of monsoon

The reason for delayed monsoon

Usual trend is that monsoon sets in Kerala by first June every year. After that the moisture containing clouds begin moving upwards covering the entire Indian subcontinent. The onset of monsoon is due to the fact that land heats up causing low pressure region over

Rainfall prediction 2013

2013 Rainfall predictions for India

Last year we saw the effect of El Nino creating cold weather conditions for India, on the other hand it also caused very less rainfall in India. Due to the severely low rainfall, drought like conditions can be seen across the country side. Due to

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Water, the drops of life

As one of the saying goes, we cannot realize the value of something when we have it plentiful. We tend to take things for granted when we have them with us, but when it is taken away from us, we realize it’s true value. Same

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The reason for less rainfall in India

The month of June has already come to and end and there are no signs of good monsoon rains yet. A major part of India is about to face a major problem of drought because of the lack of good monsoon rainfall. The winter of

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Life of a crow – Part 1

House crow is one of the most common urban birds in Mumbai. It is so common that we neglect to observe the way it lives. This bird always lives in co-existence with humans for centuries. Every household in Mumbai or several other parts in India

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Asian Koel spotted at Dawn in Mumbai

As soon as I woke up in the morning the sweet calls of Asian Koel fell on my ears. The Koel’s calls were much louder, and out of my curiousity I peeped outside my window to see where was it coming from and there it

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Coppersmith barbet spotted in Mumbai

What a surprise! I was able to spot a coppersmith barbet in Mumbai, that too in a very crowded area like Dadar. Dadar is currently experiencing a lot of redevelopment of land. New tall buildings are being constructed everyday and the number of trees have

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Flamingoes at Sewri

I gave Sewri mudflats a visit recently, to check out the migrating flamingoes arriving over there. Apart from Flamingoes, there were other birds such as wades, the great egrets, sea gulls and most vibrant; the kingfisher. Lets get to the images straight away! Flamingos will