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Photos from summertime

I did not have the chance to add some photos on the blog, photos that i took in summer. I had a great time, visiting mountains, cities that i never been before, places that have that awesome vibe. Oh, Summertime, you have left me, but

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How to make cool laser photographs

In this short tutorial I will be showing you how you can use laser to create interesting patterns. Although in this tutorial I will be showing you simpler technique which everyone can do to create interesting laser photographs! You do no need any expensive camera

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At Priyadarshini Park

I had been to Priyadarshini park recently, the weather was overcast. Priyadarshini park is one of the best places to hangout. The well maintained natural beauty and landscape provide some cool air to breathe, and there is ofcourse the strong winds blowing from Arabian sea.

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White Breasted Kingfisher in Mumbai

It is an amazing feeling when you spot a beautiful bird in unexpected places. In this case, it is somewhere deep inside the polluted (in all aspects) Dadar, Mumbai. While studying on my table I heard a very different bird call, and to my curiosity

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Evening at Mumbai

Today I went for a walk to a nearby park and managed to capture some of the pictures. It was around 4:30pm and the sun was getting ready to set. It was not very hot. The sky was pretty clear and but the smoke from

Timelapse photography tips from start to end

Download Timelapse template: Everything you need to know to get started in shooting and creating timelapse videos using a DSLR digital camera and Lightroom 3. Gavin Hoey passes on timelapse photography tips and tricks before moving into Lightroom 3 to edit and create

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Importance of Wedding Photography Courses Melbourne

Importance of Wedding Photography Courses Melbourne Article by Fashion Photography Wedding is the most important occasion which comes in a lifetime of every human being. There are many photography courses Melbourne available that contains all required materials and books. Since photography is one of the

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Lonad Caves – Kalyan

One of my friends had been to Lonad Caves which are located on the outskirts of Mumbai and he brought me back a bunch of pictures which I am going to share with you people. Just a little Geographic information about this place: Coordinates: 19.3137

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Enhanced images from previous post.

If you had seen the previous post which is here then you can compare those images with the images in this post. I did some image enhancement to make them look better. All this editing is done with photoshop CS5 and Picasa 3.8.