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Lonad Caves – Kalyan

One of my friends had been to Lonad Caves which are located on the outskirts of Mumbai and he brought me back a bunch of pictures which I am going to share with you people. Just a little Geographic information about this place: Coordinates: 19.3137

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Enhanced images from previous post.

If you had seen the previous post which is here then you can compare those images with the images in this post. I did some image enhancement to make them look better. All this editing is done with photoshop CS5 and Picasa 3.8.

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A nice clear morning in Mumbai

It was a very blue sky this morning. A lot of wind. All was so pleasant. But the reason behind it was the massive storm around Mumbai. It made me want to capture some images of the pleasant sky.

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Pigeons are my favourite observing subject…And sometimes i bother to take pictures of them and some of those pictures are here.