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Free iPhone scam – The truth underneath

There is a huge scam going viral on facebook, the scam  is related to iPhones. Facebook has been growing tremendously since the past few years and a lot of people, old or young are using it extensively on daily basis. The problem arises when you

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Get your Pinterest Invites | SCAM REPORT

PINTEREST INVITE SCAM REPORT has grown up so much that its hard to ignore this website. For webmasters and internet marketters its just another opportunity to tap into a massive source of traffic. allows you to pin images to virtual pinboard and link

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The “Free” Samsung Galaxy S3 SCAM

While browsing over facebook this morning I came across some notifications which said “Free samsung galaxy S3 phones” if you attend an event! I took a pause and check out what is the matter with “free” phones. As soon as I click on the notification

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FREE RECHARGE scam – The complete story

If you have been using facebook, you might have noticed a sudden increase in spam regarding the free recharge. Many of your friends might have posted links which when clicked can take you to websites where they ask you to perform a series of steps

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Onbux scam

You must be knowing how paid to click sites work (PTC sites). We have to register with them and they give us advertisements to click. We have to click a limited number of advertisements regularly everyday and in return we get some money. We can