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Ka-band cloud radar

Mountain top radars

There are quite a lot of Radar systems installed in India for multiple purposes. Just in the last few years, the Government of India has been pushing forward the installation of weather radars for better predictability of monsoon and we all have to admit that

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The reason for less rainfall in India

The month of June has already come to and end and there are no signs of good monsoon rains yet. A major part of India is about to face a major problem of drought because of the lack of good monsoon rainfall. The winter of

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Evening at Mumbai

Today I went for a walk to a nearby park and managed to capture some of the pictures. It was around 4:30pm and the sun was getting ready to set. It was not very hot. The sky was pretty clear and but the smoke from

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Why has there been no update?

Its been days, perhaps weeks since the last update. To explain this, I would need to tell you what has been happening around here. First thing first, I had to go for work as part of the internship training. What do I do there? I

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Welcome monsoon!?

Taking pics since last night…..A lot of monsoon winds flowing since past few days, and this brings in the clouds from the arabian sea into west coast of india. full moon night Ok it is morning now… A few minutes later…clouds cover the sky. Above