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Facebook is now the world’s most visited website

For years together, Google has been on the top position for “most visited website”. has now defeated google in terms of traffic ever since more and more people around the world are registering on facebook. Facebook offers constant connectivity between friends, family members, also

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FREE RECHARGE scam – The complete story

If you have been using facebook, you might have noticed a sudden increase in spam regarding the free recharge. Many of your friends might have posted links which when clicked can take you to websites where they ask you to perform a series of steps

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Why facebook is best for e-marketing?

In this article we will explain our reviews about facebook the social giant network,that how facebook can help you to expand your business online.You will come to know that why you should choose facebook to market your product/business online.Time will come when facebook will eat

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Get Google plus invites | Giveaway

Google+ the newest social networking platform released by google to very few users on their network. It is a challenge to facebook. From the videos it looks very great. If you want to try out, you need an invitation from your friend. If none of

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Osama virus !?

Couple of days ago the news of Osama’s death hit the internet almost instantly as it was published from the whitehouse. If you have been observing closely, you would find that the spam rate increased to a great extent in past 2 days. You will