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cyclone nanauk and delay of monsoon

The reason for delayed monsoon

Usual trend is that monsoon sets in Kerala by first June every year. After that the moisture containing clouds begin moving upwards covering the entire Indian subcontinent. The onset of monsoon is due to the fact that land heats up causing low pressure region over

Rainfall prediction 2013

2013 Rainfall predictions for India

Last year we saw the effect of El Nino creating cold weather conditions for India, on the other hand it also caused very less rainfall in India. Due to the severely low rainfall, drought like conditions can be seen across the country side. Due to

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Wonderful Rainbow and a pleasant evening

ITs been days since I have seen the sunset with orange tinge in the clouds and wind blowing over my face. That is because the monsoon clouds are always around. Today was something special, the sky had cleared up a bit, and you could see

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Lush Green around concretized Mumbai

Decided to take a look around my own house in Dadar (Mumbai) to capture some images and here are some of them. Since, I am not able to go out to countryside to feel the essence of nature, I decided to stay happy with the greenery I

Monsoon Roadtrip

Randomly decided to go out for a roadtrip today morning. We all sat in the car and began to drive towards the Eastern express highway and then we thought of going to Lonavala, Khandala. If you don’t know then look up on google maps. Since,

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Why has there been no update?

Its been days, perhaps weeks since the last update. To explain this, I would need to tell you what has been happening around here. First thing first, I had to go for work as part of the internship training. What do I do there? I

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Welcome monsoon!?

Taking pics since last night…..A lot of monsoon winds flowing since past few days, and this brings in the clouds from the arabian sea into west coast of india. full moon night Ok it is morning now… A few minutes later…clouds cover the sky. Above