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Windows 8 RTM torrent leaked

The most awaited Windows 8 RTM, has been leaked to the P2P torrent network. Among the several editions of Windows 8, the Professional edition is widely in demand by the average user because of the full functionality of all the useful tools and apps. Both,

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Free PREMIUM minecraft account

We have bought a good deal of minecraft accounts for our readers. All of the minecraft accounts are real. We will be giving out to you readers. Whoever can reach the final stage of the process, will get the account. There is a lot for

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Windows 8 build 7850 Milestone 1 Leaked

Recently while browsing the internet i came across the newest windows build 7850. Apparently build 7850 is milestone 1 for windows8 development. There is nothing much i can say about this build unless i download it and test it myself. But the changes in this build are apparent and

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uTorrent v3.0 Beta TEST

I opened uTorrent today to start seeding some of my torrents and a window popped up saying that a new update is available. I clicked on download update! And the new version 3.0 beta got installed. At first I thought it would be some bug

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MTNL Triband 2Mbps on Sunday

MTNL has unofficially launched a new scheme of giving its customers 2Mbps bandwidth on sundays. If you are on a plan which has bandwidth below 2Mbps, then you are going to get full 2Mbps download bandwidth on Sundays. Unfortunately there is not such scheme for

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Crysis 2 download

You can download Crysis 2 from the following links part1 part2 part3 part4 part5 part6 part7 part8 part9 the crack   The links are working and they are not spam so you can skip