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When we aren’t healthy, our lives are miserable as you might know already. We give health tips to our readers!

How to improve mental state 0

How to improve mental state

Anxiety and depression are the diseases of the present. Many people are falling victim to them at an increasing rate. Not even the richest of people can escape this at any point in their...


7 Side-effects of Anger

With our society being more and more demanding, one’s emotions might get out of control and take control over our lives, making us feel hopeless and destroy confidence entirely. I would like to talk...

114 life threatening facts about smoking! 1

114 life threatening facts about smoking!

Smoking : uncommon and common effects to our health More than 1 billion people in this world smoke everyday! That is a huge number. Considering our lifestyle, average life expectancy has fallen to about...

How to Lead a Healthy Life 3

How to Lead a Healthy Life

What is a healthy life? An healthy life can be defined as a perfect life in which we have no ailments to suffer from, in fact our body must work in perfect condition. But...

Hiv test 0

Hiv test

  For Low-Risk people, a positive result from an HIV TEST is wrong half the time.   Although a lot of progress has been made in improving the length and quality of life for...