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Fear of dying

Why do we have a fear of dying

All organic beings die in this world, it’s inevitable. Life cannot exist without death and death cannot exist without life. Sometimes when we are too stuck with our thoughts, we tend to analyze a lot about who we are. If we are negative or positive

Saturn North Pole Hexagon

Conspiracy Theory – Saturn North Pole Hexagon

It is believed for some time that Saturn North Pole Hexagon is a storm with a big vortex point at the center rotating at about 320 miles an hour or 150m/s, with a diameter of approximately 8.500 miles across and rotation period of 10h 39m

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What is Reincarnation?

Why have i chosen this topic about reincarnation? I believe it was an inspiration and a desire to inform people about the possibility of being born another time on Earth of on any other planet existing in the universe, with the same energy level (human being).

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Is there a God? – A Scientific explanation to existence

One week ago, i mentioned about life after death, what does it happen actually (proved), if there is a life after death and  what we turn into once we pass on to the other world, The Spirit World – Our real home and the Seven Realms. If

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Life in the Spirit World – The Seven Realms

Previously on the other article I made, I explained that Life after Death indeed exist and has been proved time and time again through various experiments and experiences of people. It may or may not be a pleasant experience depending on your qualities and your

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Is there Life after Death?

Since we were kids, we asked this question over and over again: Is there life after death? Yet many of us have forgotten mainly because the society influenced us in some critical way that we didn’t even have time to think about us anymore. I