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Why is uninterruptible power supply so important

Why is uninterruptible power supply so important?

An uninterruptible power supply (also called UPS) is a very complex unit that is used for protecting certain devices from power spikes, power outages, while also offering backup capabilities, a backup battery in our case. The backup battery can keep supplying any device connected to

25 ppm MAX2870

Why ‘PPM’ matters in the GHz bands!

No matter what frequency you work on, a term called “ppm” always follows. Whether you deal with the good old HF band or you work at the Gigahertz band, “ppm” defines how accurate your frequency would be. Simply speaking, PPM stands for Parts per million.

Return loss for MACOM kit

Reviewing the new NanoVNA v2 (SAA-2) – Part 2

In the part 1, we reviewed the hardware aspects of the NanoVNA v2 SAA 2. Here, we will review the actual functionality of the device. Those familiar with the NanoVNA v1 need no guidance on getting along with the v2. Everything on the user interface

Reviewing the new NanoVNA v2 (SAA-2) – Part 1

The first version of NanoVNA became an instant hit for very obvious reasons. First, it was offering stunning performance. Second, a super low price which brought VNA into the hands of those who would have never thought of owning one. Third, the open source nature

psa4-5043+ gain

Measuring noise figure using Gain Method

For those into radio astronomy would know the significance of having ultra-low noise figures. Lower the noise figure, the more sensitive your receiver becomes. Noise figure is a unit of measure that tells us how much noise, for example, your amplifier is adding to the

neje dk bl laser

NEJE DK-BL 1500 laser engraving tool review

Laser engraving can be a fun pass time. If you often create art, a laser engraving machine can help you put that design onto a piece of wood or cardboard. Burning your artwork on a piece of wood gives a very special kind of appeal