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Accurately measuring cable length with NanoVNA

Having a VNA opens up so many possibilities. Just last week, I reviewed the nanoVNA and found to be an interesting device to have. Having handled expensive Vector Network analyzers (VNA) in the past and present, my excitement grew tremendously to compare it with the

nanovna review

NanoVNA – A short review

Do you build RF circuits? Have you built any antennas? If the answer to any of the two questions is YES, then you know how valuable having a VNA (Vector Network Analyzer) is. Just an year ago the cheapest VNA on the market was the

Using LimeSDR mini as a RF source

In one of the previous posts we saw how we could transmit DATV using LimeSDR mini. This time we are going to use our LimeSDR mini as a RF source in our home lab. The whole setup is based on GNU Radio and the QT

Transmitting DATV over the air with LimeSDR-Mini

Transmitting voice is something every ham operator must be doing regularly. There is a breed of hams which only stick to digital modes, while some prefer morse. Some ham operators go above and beyond to transmit real-time video stream over the air. Back in the

Fear of dying

Why do we have a fear of dying

All organic beings die in this world, it’s inevitable. Life cannot exist without death and death cannot exist without life. Sometimes when we are too stuck with our thoughts, we tend to analyze a lot about who we are. If we are negative or positive

How to improve mental state

How to improve mental state

Anxiety and depression are the diseases of the present. Many people are falling victim to them at an increasing rate. Not even the richest of people can escape this at any point in their lives, because, you know, this doesn’t even have to do anything