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Why is uninterruptible power supply so important

Why is uninterruptible power supply so important?

An uninterruptible power supply (also called UPS) is a very complex unit that is used for protecting certain devices from power spikes, power outages, while also offering backup capabilities, a backup battery in our case. The backup battery can keep supplying any device connected to

25 ppm MAX2870

Why ‘PPM’ matters in the GHz bands!

No matter what frequency you work on, a term called “ppm” always follows. Whether you deal with the good old HF band or you work at the Gigahertz band, “ppm” defines how accurate your frequency would be. Simply speaking, PPM stands for Parts per million.

PipelineC block inside vivado

PipelineC brings HLS to non-Xilinx FPGAs

Those of you who have used HLS (High level synthesis) would know how powerful the thing is. For those of you having some experience working with hardware description languages would most likely be able to write good HLS code. This new method isn’t something where

Make your own Phased Matched cables with NanoVNA

Phase matched cables come handy when dealing with phasing elements of an antenna or even when you want to deliver differential signals. There was a time when making phase matched cables meant use of expensive vector network analyzers. With the NanoVNA on your desk, you