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Alarm system wiring

Alarm system wiring – DYI – Paradox Wiring

The wiring process of an alarm system is the trickiest one. Everything else is easy, but wiring is what makes it hard. I was forced to learn to install alarm systems my own way and using guides as well. Alarm systems are necessary to prevent

Wired Alarm System Versus Wireless

Wired Alarm System Versus Wireless – Which is better?

In this article i am going to explain something about alarm systems. I mostly worked with Paradox alarm systems, so i am going to list all the components and everything you need to know about the difference between wired and wireless alarm systems for a

What security system is the best in the world

What Security System is the Best in the World

So I’m guessing it’s time for you to buy a security system. Maybe a burglar got into your home, or you just want to prevent such event from happening. It is not enough that you looked in the local mall/shop for a security system. You

security system for apartment

How to Install Security System For Apartment

Not only those people that live in a lovely cosy big house (villa) deserve to have a security system. Most of us live in apartments (including myself), and we require some form of protection against burglars. Sometimes, windows (even with metallic bars) and metallic doors

Top Security Cameras Wifi and Rechargeable Batteries

Top Security Cameras Wifi and Rechargeable Batteries

Yes, you heard it right! Security cameras wifi and with rechargeable batteries. Listen, I installed thousands of security cameras, but not even I could expect that technology would go so far as to create standalone equipment. Moreover, some security cameras have a solar panel included

Why periodic security system maintenance is necessary

Why Periodic Security System Maintenance Is Necessary

Periodic security system maintenance is critical if you are very serious about protecting your property, goods etc. There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to find that vital recording after a burglar got in last night, just because you skipped doing that periodic

WiFi Gigabit Router Tenda AC10

WiFi Gigabit Router Tenda AC10 1200Mbps 2.4/5G Review

I love technology, who doesn’t? I wish I had the chance to review every gadget on this planet. Today I am lucky to have the opportunity to review a great router I received from This review article is thanks to them. The router I

Are home security systems worth it

Why Are Home Security Systems Worth It For The Long Run

Protecting your home has become a priority in these harsh times. If you have a business, this is even more crucial. Did you know that your goods are stolen more often by your employees than by outside burglars? The human greed has no boundary. Employees

How to protect your home

How To Protect Your Home When You Are On A Trip

Every human being needs rest from work, that means getting time off. What is the best way to use that time off if not going on a trip to some beautiful place and relax? But wait, you realise your home is not protected. Thanks to

Are security cameras an invasion of privacy

When Are Security Cameras An Invasion Of Privacy?

The world is becoming more aware of the dangers such as someone barging in to steal or worse, harm one’s family. Drastic measures are taken to prevent such acts and they but not limited to just security cameras. Sometimes though, people take this too far