Lonad Caves – Kalyan

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One of my friends had been to Lonad Caves which are located on the outskirts of Mumbai and he brought me back a bunch of pictures which I am going to share with you people.

Just a little Geographic information about this place:

Coordinates: 19.3137 N 73.1365 E
Values: Art, Architecture, History, Archaeology
Rank: 7
Address: AsiaIndia, Maharashtra, Thana district, 8 km north-east from Bhiwandi, near Janwal village
Alternate names: Kalyan Caves, Shiv Kandeshvari
Age: 5th c. AD?
Religion: Buddhism, Hindu

All images captured by Priya Tare (In relation to Mrunal Tare)

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2 thoughts on “Lonad Caves – Kalyan”

  1. Vikas Vishwakarma says:

    The images that you’ve shared are not of the actual place which is mentioned in the description. Please update the same.

    1. Salil Tembe says:

      Could you provide with the correct name?

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