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White Breasted Kingfisher in Mumbai

It is an amazing feeling when you spot a beautiful bird in unexpected places. In this case, it is somewhere deep inside the polluted (in all aspects) Dadar, Mumbai. While studying on my table I heard a very different bird call, and to my curiosity

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Coppersmith barbet spotted in Mumbai

What a surprise! I was able to spot a coppersmith barbet in Mumbai, that too in a very crowded area like Dadar. Dadar is currently experiencing a lot of redevelopment of land. New tall buildings are being constructed everyday and the number of trees have

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Flamingoes at Sewri

I gave Sewri mudflats a visit recently, to check out the migrating flamingoes arriving over there. Apart from Flamingoes, there were other birds such as wades, the great egrets, sea gulls and most vibrant; the kingfisher. Lets get to the images straight away! Flamingos will

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Macro and Telephoto

I was supposed to be studying for my exams, but I had my camera in my hand and I grabbed it and took some of the shots shown below. You can see some shots are macro and others are Telephoto, while some are close up

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Evening at Mumbai

Today I went for a walk to a nearby park and managed to capture some of the pictures. It was around 4:30pm and the sun was getting ready to set. It was not very hot. The sky was pretty clear and but the smoke from

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Pigeons are my favourite observing subject…And sometimes i bother to take pictures of them and some of those pictures are here.