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Accurately measuring cable length with NanoVNA

Update: Now you can plot the impedance vs. distance/time plot. Click here to learn the concept. Original Post: Having a VNA opens up so many possibilities. Just last week, I reviewed the nanoVNA and found to be an interesting device to have. Having handled expensive

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AdworkMedia publisher review

As some of you might be following me from a long time would know that I had been working with Leadbolt CPA publisher network for a very long time and have earned a huge amount with them. But unfortunately, their network has been not up

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Windows 8 Release Preview | Hands on Review

Windows 8 Release preview was released to the public today. To the people living in caves, windows 8 is the new operating system being developed by microsoft, which is meant to be installed on touch enabled systems, especially tablet PCs. Windows 8 is aimed at

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Ixam Hosting Review

Some of you may know or some of you might not, uses Ixam-hosting solutions for hosting this website. Currently nuclearrambo recieved a great deal of visitors everyday and I have to appreciate Ixam hosting for providing a good service to this website. About few

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Mumbai at night

Today, I went out for a nice evening walk and managed to capture some of the street shots of Dadar, Mumbai. Below is a slideshow of those shots. All images were capture with Nikon L120. Its a very great camera for beginner photographers. It has

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uTorrent v3.0 Beta TEST

I opened uTorrent today to start seeding some of my torrents and a window popped up saying that a new update is available. I clicked on download update! And the new version 3.0 beta got installed. At first I thought it would be some bug

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The undergarden

The name might sound as if it’s another zombie game, but its not so. This game is about a cute little teddy-like-object who helps in growing an underground garden. The game is very bright coloured, excellent relaxing game. The background music just suits the game