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Homemade sound card ECG circuit

SCROLL BELOW TO SEE LATEST UPDATES 4.4 The Basic ECG Circuit We started to build the first ECG prototype circuit after doing a lot of research and studying about the requirements of the ECG system. We wanted the ECG circuit to be as simple as

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Realtime ECG project

I have been working on a realtime ECG system for 6 months now. I spent most of the time to acquire information about building an ECG circuit, studying the effects of noise on the signal, filtering the signal and the list goes on. Finally, I

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Currently i am working on simple ECG circuit (electrocardiograph) using simple sound card input to view the wave forms. Required materials : LM324N – Quad op-amp 100k resistor 1k Resistor sound card some copper coins So heres how you get started: Construct the following circuit