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Coppersmith barbet spotted in Mumbai

What a surprise! I was able to spot a coppersmith barbet in Mumbai, that too in a very crowded area like Dadar. Dadar is currently experiencing a lot of redevelopment of land. New tall buildings are being constructed everyday and the number of trees have

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Evening at Mumbai

Today I went for a walk to a nearby park and managed to capture some of the pictures. It was around 4:30pm and the sun was getting ready to set. It was not very hot. The sky was pretty clear and but the smoke from

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Mumbai at night

Today, I went out for a nice evening walk and managed to capture some of the street shots of Dadar, Mumbai. Below is a slideshow of those shots. All images were capture with Nikon L120. Its a very great camera for beginner photographers. It has

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Calm evening

After a idle day, I decided to go out for a walk near the beach. Incidently I arrived at the beach when the sun had already set, and the sky was filled with beautiful colours. From different shades of blue above my head to variety