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Few weeks ago, while i was surfing on the internet, i came across many forums filled with tons of website developers -including myself- in searching for more information on how to manage an advanced website easily without requiring any program or publish features. During that time, many developers answered to my questions regarding the best content management system that they are using – Namely Drupal – which is probably one of the biggest projects on the internet right now, offering tons and tons of updates, features etc.



Drupal is a content management system software supported by hundreds of thousands of users and professional website developers, in order to obtain what everyone is searching for – A perfect content management system platform. Considering the information they rely on their official website, the drupal project is roughly 13 years old, diversifying more and more updates, modules, themes, CSS file creations, PHP, HTML, Java, administration panels (more advanced), beautiful website structure (links, buttons, content, pages, panels) and more, basically speaking, everything we need is on their website, web space and the initial software.

Using Drupal has proven very useful when creating massive dynamic forums, websites (requiring updates every day) and manage everything in your website with just few clicks, rearranging content, menus, plugins (modules) with the drag feature or creating custom panel layouts. The only thing that the majority of users have trouble with is the Proper Design which is currently missing. That doesn’t mean there is no way to edit the background colors, panel size, etc. ; all you have to do is either choose a theme based on a Color module that drupal is currently offering on their website, or you could just go into the theme folder, open the CSS file for style and search for the codes that you want to change.




Other than massive updates for the initial content management platform that they are offering, they also allow you to fully customize your website like you desire.

Things required to start Drupal yourself, or understand what the screenshots i will post below mean, are the following:

  1. Drupal content management system platform – Which you can download it HERE ;
  2. A FTP account created in your host account;
  3. A domain;

After you have installed Drupal  (if you don’t know how to isntall drupal they are offering help sections on their site – with this proving their project efficiency -) do the following:

  1. Check your newly created drupal management panel
  2. Install new themes from HERE          –     To install a new theme you have to download the theme from their site, unzip it, and place it in your     – Default FTP :    websitename/html/drupaltest/themes
  3. Install new modules from HERE        –     To install a module you have to download it from their sites, unzip it, and place it in your  – Default FTP :    websitename/html/drupaltest/modules
  4. For Designing  go to (Default FTP :    websitename/html/drupaltest/themes/themename/style.css)  This was just an example, you will have to search for the folder you have setup it yourself.
  5. Check the other features- Blocks, Menus, Content, Pages, Panels, Permissions, Configuration etc
















































So you can see, drupal is offering many many features at our disposal, allowing us to create our dream website faster than expected, adding good (or fun) modules, changing themes at will, create menus etc. I hope you enjoyed my post and start using drupal content management system platform! IT’S WORTH IT!




Salil is an electronics enthusiast working on various RF and Microwave systems. In his free time he writes on the blog, talks over ham radio or builds circuits. He has Yaesu FT2900R VHF transceiver, FT450D HF transceiver and a TYT UV8000E Handheld transceiver.

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