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As some of you might be following me from a long time would know that I had been working with Leadbolt CPA publisher network for a very long time and have earned a huge amount with them. But unfortunately, their network has been not up to my requirements as the number of offers have gone down drastically. A lot of the leadbolt’s offers were for USA and Canada which was not a good thing for me because a lot of my traffic comes from various countries  not just USA, Canada, UK, etc. This led to a dramatic effect on my earnings. I used to earn more than $500 a month, which now came down to just a measly $50 a month. I was  in serious trouble, I was looking for new CPA publisher networks. No one was accepting my into their program and I had almost lost my confidence about earning anymore money on the internet, until now…

I was recommended to join AdworkMedia publisher network by a friend. I gave it a try and I was in their network within the next 24 hours. After logging in I began to look for the new tools they offered. I was quite impressed with so many options at my disposal. We will go into those tools one by one.

Adwork Media tools overview review

Adworkmedia Tools overview

The AdworkMedia content Locker

The good old content locker that I needed was right over there under the cool “Tools” dropdown menu. With a huge number of optimization and customization options, I was quite happy so far. I went straight ahead and created myself a nice content locker.

When you click on the “Content locker” you will be presented with a overview page where you can see all the details of your current working gateways. Here is a small screenshot.

Adworkmedia content locker overview

Content locker overview

As you can see the content overview shows all the content gateways along with their impressions, clicks and conversion rates and also the earnings. I have to agree that AdworkMedia has a very good variety of offers and surveys for a lot of countries.


What if there is not offer on AdworkMedia for a particular country?

In case there is no survey or offer for a particular country, you can ask the visitor to engage your content in social media. In that case the visitor would be required to either like the page on facebook or +1 on Google plus, or follow you on twitter.

Adworkmedia content locker review

Only after that he would be able to proceed to the content. I find this tool to be very useful for me because it lets me suck all the juice out of every interested visitor. This just helps me because the content that I giveaway attracts everyone and I feel bad when a person from certain country cannot obtain is from me JUST because he is from somewhere where there are no offers available. Now, everyone is happy!

The Content locker customization tool

When you click on the “New Gateway” button, you will be taken to a page to create and customize a content locker for yourself. That is where you will be able to add redirect links after offer completion, a facebook page to be liked or a google plus post to be +1’ed or twitter follow link.

Adwork Media review content locker

Adwork Media Content gateway creator

Under the advanced settings tab you can insert your Google Analytics ID for tracking. This is a very helpful feature that Adwork Media is offering to its publishers. Advanced users will be able to make good use of this feature because it allows you to track and analyse your traffic which can be later used for optimizing the offers. In short, you will get to know the demographics, visitor statistics which will help you put right offers/surveys for your visitors.

Adworkmedia content locker review

Adwork Media Advanced content locker settings

I found out that the AdworkMedia content lockers have anti adblock features which works VERY VERY WELL! So here is how it works.

You place the content locker code on your webpage with anti ad block enabled. The script will cover the whole visible area of the webpage and disable the “right click”. Now those smart people who think they can get past the content locker without completing the survey can no longer do so. but of course the ub3r smart people can still get past it but their numbers are small and I would not be bothered if they did so. But for those who are dealing with these people, they should use a html encoder to encode their page.

The product locker

Product locker was a new idea to me when I joined Adworkmedia network. It basically allows you to release various kind of digital content to your visitors.

When you click on the product locker button, it gives you 3 options to choose from.

AdworkMedia product locker review

AdworkMedia Product locker

For me, the last 2 options are very useful because I release ebooks very often and I find that a lot of people do not own PayPal accounts due to being in certain country. Also, some of them do not own credit cards to pay me. In such cases I would definitely use the File Download product locker from Adworkmedia.

The third option, Virtual currency is another great feature for me because I host various game servers. In order to monetize the server, virtual currencies are great. You can make the players complete surveys to get more points in the game or to get more items. I would not go into details of Game server monetization, because a completely new ebook is coming out in a month’s time which will cover a lot of unique unseen methods that I have used to earn thousands of dollars. I hope that you will be eager to grab a copy of that ebook. I promise you, you will definitely find it useful. 

Now what this product locker does is, it helps you create a splash page. I hope you know what splash page is. A splash page is a one page website which gives all the details about a certain product. They are widely used because of high conversion rates that they can yield and they are not only used for product sale, but also used for email list generation.

Adworkmedia product locker review

Adworkmedia product locker

The product locker creator allows you to first add a file. This file will be your actual product which you want to distribute to your audience. Then you must enter your product details and also give a nice attractive title. It allows you to add up to 3 images in expandable thumbnail form and also 3 youtube videos which will popup once clicked.

I personally find this a very clean way to create a small product distribution page. I am not going into much details about it, but it surely is a very useful tool.

The AdworkMedia Link Locker

The link locker is basically a link shortner. When the shortened link is clicked, the visitor would be required to complete a survey or a offer before proceeding to the actual page. This is a useful feature for the lazy people who do not want to add html codes to their pages.

It could be a useful feature for many people but I have not really generated good conversion rates, so I prefer the good old content lockers.

There are other tools such as “Postback services”, “Smart links”, “Pixel manager”, “Email notifications”, etc. These tools are useful when you are dealing with php codes. I would not go into details about these because I have no experience in these as of now.

What about the earnings on AdworkMedia?

Now that is one important question because we are here to earn. I found that all my conversions so far have been just great. 90% of my conversions yield more than $1. A lot of their offers are above $5. I used to earn a measly $0.3 to $0.8 on leadbolt CPA network, where as I am earning more than $1 to $7 per conversion on AdworkMedia. This is a great thing because I would be getting more juice from my visitors as I slowly start to expand my business with AdworkMedia.

I started to work with AdworkMedia just a month ago and I implemented their content lockers just 2 weeks ago. I hope to see more earnings as I would be implementing AdworkMedia codes on all my old websites which are currently running the leadbolt code.

AdworkMedia earnings review

AdworkMedia earnings

How can I earn more on AdworkMedia?

Everybody wants to earn more from what they are doing on the internet. One special thing about AdworkMedia is they give LOADS of promo codes every month. These promo codes give bonus on every lead generated within a specific time period.

It is christmas and new year, the holiday time! AdworkMedia gave me 3 new promo codes which will give me bonus for a total of 5% for 5 hours, 6% for 6 hours and 7% for 7 hours. Add that up and you end up with a lot of extra money from your leads.

Not to mention that whenever they are facing a downtime (which is rare) they are so generous that you will always get a nice promo code for downtime.

Adwork Media promo codes

AdworkMedia bonus

Adwork media promo codes

Adwork media Holiday bonus and the Downtime bonus

They are a very generous network with great account managers. If you ever need help starting up they are always willing to help you out.

AdworkMedia pays every month on the last day of the month. I am yet to be paid, and I am expecting a payment on 30th or the 31st. It would be possible that they can delay it to 1st or 2nd January due to new year. I do not know, but I will keep you posted on this on as things go on.

You can register on AdworkMedia network and start earning. And here ends my Adwork Media review! If you ever need help with this network or even CPA earning, do contact me I will be happy to help you out any day.


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