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Have you ever wondered? 0

Have you ever wondered?

If you can live on Mars with all this technology around? Well they can give an idea about how to live on mars with the latest SF movie 🙂 Enjoy!

De la servitude moderne. 0

De la servitude moderne.

It has romanian subtitles so if you want to watch it with english subtitles please download it here Happy watching! Despre sclavia moderna from Kindelina Nova on Vimeo.

The Virtual Revolution 0

The Virtual Revolution

The Virtual Revolution. How google or youtube and others emerged. Pretty interesting. It has lots of episodes and i can’t post them all so i’m going to post only the first episode with 3...

The Videos Are Embedded 0

The Videos Are Embedded

And we give full credits to it’s authors. We have not created these videos but they are embedded either from youtube , megavideo , etc. We borrowed videos from BBC , Discovery Channel etc...