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Happy birthday bro 0

Happy birthday bro

Today is a special day. Like everyone from this world celebrates. I’m gladly say this: Today is my bro’s birthday!  He is achieving the beautiful age of “18” . I wish him all the...

Why has there been no update? 0

Why has there been no update?

Its been days, perhaps weeks since the last update. To explain this, I would need to tell you what has been happening around here. First thing first, I had to go for work as...

Webserver updates 0

Webserver updates

The site is receiving approx. 130 pageviews every day. 0.2 clicks – 10 day average NOTE: the site is still under construction and we are not keeping it online 24/7 for this reason. Once...

Soldat 0


-A fast paced 2D multiplayer game. Different weapons, hundreds of online servers, free, and fun to play. -Continuously developed to give the community a bug free and hacker free environment to enjoy the game....

Play COD MW2 online multiplayer. 28

Play COD MW2 online multiplayer.

This small post will show you how to play call of duty modern warfare 2 online. This wasnt possible until last month when someone came out with alternate INWnet. Now we dont need to connect to IWNET, and theres nothing that steam can do to disable this technique.



found this link….open it at your own risk!