Why has there been no update?

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Its been days, perhaps weeks since the last update. To explain this, I would need to tell you what has been happening around here.

First thing first, I had to go for work as part of the internship training. What do I do there? I go to different datacentres and several other places to fix circuits inside the servers and computers. I am not a professional ofcourse, I am always with some professional or you call him some regular worker.

Secondly, we also worked on some parts of the site. As a regular reader you might have figured out that we are also working on a website side by side with the blog. We are currently not going to employ any complex php or flash programming. So its just simple html. I am still learning CSS, so not going use CSS here. I use CSS on my home server just for trying out. I am not fully confident that I can make something big just yet.

A copy of site is uploaded here. It was uploaded 3 days ago and since then a lot of major changes have been done. The site could take weeks, perhaps months to get fully completed and also I might eventually deploy my php and CSS programming on it, may be, may be not, only time will answer that.

Nobody likes a TEXT-ONLY post, so here are some images.

I didn't have a very good camera so bear with the image quality.

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