Google calculator bug : 3999999999999………

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Google is the most popular search engine, where many people consider it as the gateway to the internet. In the recent past Google has added several new features such as calculator, unit conversions and it has also taken some ideas from its competitor search engine Bing.

Bing and Google are both equally good search engines. Bing was actually made by ex-Google workers who thought could make a better search engine than Google. Bing also made similar improvements and additions in the past.

Google calculator bug gives incorrect answers for long numbers

Type in 399999999999999999999-399999999999999999998 in to the Google’s search bar and you will be given a very WRONG answer!

The actual answer is 1, but some math error seems to have crept into the search engine.

Do the same thing Β in Bing, you will be given a correct answer!

This is probably another reason to switch over to Bing perhaps? πŸ˜›


Salil is an electronics enthusiast working on various RF and Microwave systems. In his free time he writes on the blog, talks over ham radio or builds circuits. He has Yaesu FT2900R VHF transceiver, FT450D HF transceiver and a TYT UV8000E Handheld transceiver.

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