How To Crack A Windows XP Administrator Password

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Alright, the steps (in cmd first) in wich helps you crack the xp administrator password (of your computer) incase you lost it are:

1. Go to Start > Run > CMD and press enter;

2. In the command prompt enter the commands in the order it says

3. cd

4. cdwindowssystem32

5. mkdir temphack

6. copy logon.scr temphacklogon.scr

7. copy cmd.exe temphackcmd

8. del logon.scr

9. rename cmd.exe logon scr

10. exit

The explanation to what you are actually doing is:

Your are nagivating to the windows system Directory where the system files are stored. Next your creating a temporary directory called mkdir-. After which you are copying or backing up the logon.scr and cmd.exe files into the mkdir then you are deleting the logon.scr file and renaming cmd.exe file to logon.scr.

So basically you are telling windows is to backup the command program and the screen saver file. Then we edited the settings so when windows loads the screen saver, we will get an unprotected dos prompt without logging in. When this appears enter this command : net user password. This will change the admin password to pass.

That’s all. You have sucessfully hacked the Window XP Administrator Password now you can Log in, using the hacked Window XP Administrator Password and do whatever you want to do.


Here are the steps involved to De Hack or restore the Window XP Administrator Password to cover your tracks.

  1. Go to Start –> Run –> Type in CMD
  2. You will get a command prompt. Enter these commands the way it is given
  3. cd
  4. cd windowssystem32temphack
  5. copy logon.scr C:windowssystem32logon.scr
  6. copy cmd.exe C:windowssystem32cmd.exe
  7. exit

Or simply go to C:windowssystem32temphack and copy the contents of temphack back into system32 directory click Yes to overwrite the modified files.


If you Cannot Change the Administrator Password in Control Panel

After you log on as an administrator to a computer that is not a member of a domain, when you double-click User Accounts in Control Panel to change the password for the built-in Administrator account, the Administrator account may not appear in the list of user accounts. Consequently, you cannot change its password.

This behavior can occur because the Administrator account logon option appears only in Safe mode if more than one account is created on the system. The Administrator account is available in Normal mode only if there are no other accounts on the system. To work around this behavior:

– If you are running Windows XP Home Edition, restart the computer and then use a power user account to log on to the
computer in Safe mode.

– If you are running Windows XP Professional, reset the password in the Local Users and Groups snap-in in Microsoft
Management Console (MMC):

1. Click Start, and then click Run.
2. In the Open box, type “mmc” (without the quotation marks), and then click OK to start MMC.

3. Start the Local Users and Groups snap-in.
4. Under Console Root, expand “Local Users and Groups”, and then click Users.

5. In the right pane, right-click Administrator, and then click Set Password.

6. Click Proceed in the message box that appears.

7. Type and confirm the new password in the appropriate boxes, and then click OK.

I used alot of spaces so you can see it better.


I hope i helped you and it works out somehow. Good luck!

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