White Breasted Kingfisher in Mumbai

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White Breasted Kingfisher Mumbai

White Breasted Kingfisher in Mumbai

It is an amazing feeling when you spot a beautiful bird in unexpected places. In this case, it is somewhere deep inside the polluted (in all aspects) Dadar, Mumbai. While studying on my table I heard a very different bird call, and to my curiosity I went to the window tried to find the source of the sweet bird call. For a few seconds I was not able to tell where the sweet calls were coming from, because birds with sweet voices tend to stay camouflaged on trees and bushes. My moved my attention upwards and it was this beautiful White Breasted Kingfisher.

It is very rare to find this bird in the urban areas of Mumbai, because kingfishers like to live around swampy and wet areas, especially in the Sewri Mudflats.

White breasted Kingfisher Mumbai

White breasted Kingfisher in Mumbai – Looking away

Both the images are taken few seconds apart from each other. Some more details to get into, it was a hot summer day in the month of May 2012. Right after the photographs were taken, the kingfisher flew away quickly before I could even spot it where it went. I wish to observe this bird and know the reason for it to come away from its beloved mudflats. If you can help me with the questions like why did the kingfisher come to an urban area. Why did it come away from its beloved swampy area ?

Do leave a comment below and help me understand the reason for the question asked.

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