ADMS-COMMAND: Advanced Disaster Management Simulator

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I came a across this video and I thought I could share with you guys. It is very difficult to train people for disaster management because creating a live situation is the most difficult thing. This advanced disaster management simulator helps to create a certain environment, helping the trainees get a better experience while the training session. It helps improve the performance on the field.

Disaster management is an important subject in today's time due to a lot of accidents and major disaster taking place around the world. We better be aware and start training our self. Visit this website for free training

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3 thoughts on “ADMS-COMMAND: Advanced Disaster Management Simulator”

  1. agentz100 says:

    the south korean one includes a three wheeled bike engine a stepladder and a bucket for water

  2. Hebablanco says:


  3. collin341 says:

    US working dutch material LOL 😛 very nice program i used it twice

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