Disaster on Japan

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On 11 March 2011 japan saw the worse kind of earthquakes in several decades. Leaving several billion dollars of damage aside, it gave rise to a nuclear hazard in the asian region.

Japan is very close to the ring of fire. The ring of fire constantly moving due the large fault line resulting in minor tremors in nearby regions. But sometimes large earthquakes can occur resulting in massive damage caused due the the shaking land and tsunamis.

The Fukushima Daichi nuclear plant faced some damage due to the earthquake. The cooling system broke down causing a potential nuclear meltdown of the nuclear material.

The nuclear plant was shut down immediately after the earthquake to prevent any chain reaction from happening, but the cool down process takes several days. The cooling liquid was unable to cool down the radioactive elements causing them to produce heat continuously. As a result the nuclear reactors explode or meltdown due to its own heat. Meltdown would expose its own radioactive elements causing radiation. The reactor 4 of the plant showed a large radiation spike. Japanese tv channel showed a large pume of white smoke from the plant 4. Firefighters were not allowed to take any action because of the high risk from radiation that was being emitted.

Today, the radiation has landed in Belarus, Austria, Finland and some other European countries. It is expected that in a few hours the radiation level would come down and necessary action can be taken.

A radiation level of 143 micro-sevarts are considered hazardous for human health.

Earthquakes of magnitude 4 and more still continue to shake Japan causing a panic in people’s mind. An earthquake of magnitude 6 struck japan today (16 march).

The Global stock markets have stabilised after the major earthquake.

After so many days, the extent of the disaster is still unknown.



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