Eenadu Telugu Daily News Paper Online Website

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Eenadu Telugu Daily News Paper Online Website

Eenadu is a telugu daily news paper in Andhra Pradesh. It is also available online at their website. Do you know the direct links to go to different features pages of this news paper?

Eenadu news paper is read by a large audience in and around Andhra Pradesh. Since the development of the internet communication, it has also started wide circulation in foreign countries as well for non-resident Indians. It is interesting to note that all its inside categories can now be directly accessed online for any given day.

Before You Can Read Online Edition..

Before you go and read the online edition, you should know two points. First the font is not supported as the online edition is not printed in English. It is printed in Telugu with a specific font file that Eenadu has created for their site. You should first download that from here and unzip the font and place the font file in the ‘fonts’ folder of your operating system.

Another thing you should note is that the online edition is not so good as printed edition visually. It lacks photos and the font does not give the same feeling as reading the printed Eenadu paper. Nevertheless it gives a comfortable reading in Telugu after a long day of reading English on the Internet or your computer.

The Front Pages on Main Paper (Jaathiya, Rashtriya Varthalu)

The front pages usually carry major news at the country level and state level. Mainly the news related to Prime Minister of India and Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh are covered. There are also advertisements that are of mega budget which help run the paper at low costs for the audience.

Here are the links to the front pages of Eenadu Telugu News Paper. The national news and state level news are separated in the online edition.
National News
State Level News

The Politics Section (Rajakeeyalu)

This is the most read section by many audiences. Most youngsters don’t spend much time on this.

The Business Section (Vyapara Varthalu)

This section covers business news. What is most popular here is the coverage on the stock market indices and some stock quotes. Also listed are news related to specific companies as well as stock market statistics.
Business News

The Sports Section (Kreeda Varthalu)

This is the most read section in any general news paper in India. India has a large fan base for especially the cricket which is covered more often in sports section.
Sports News

The Section for Women (Vasundhara)

The name Vasundhara is the name of the daughter of the owner of Eenadu news paper. He gave this name to a special section in the news paper dedicated to only women. Men too can find some useful information about cooking foods, beauty enhancement, disease notes etc.
Vasundhara for Women

The Cinema Section

Cinema itself is the name of this section. It is read more after the Sports section. It mainly covers news on the Tollywood or Telugu Movie Industry as well as some news in Bollywood and Hollywood. Everyday Eenadu also tries to promote the new serials on their Telugu TV channel called ETV.
Cinema News

The City Specific News

The section for the city wise or district wise was the one thing that did not look good in online edition. It also varies by city so I am providing link for the Hyderabad edition only.
Hyderabad City News

The TV section

If you get a printed edition you would get information on TV programs in all news on a given day. But in the online edition you would get this for ETV only.
ETV Programs List

Kids Special Section

This section is for the entertainment of kids. But it is published only in Sunday edition. Interesting puzzles, crosswords, questions, problems and cartoons are presented in telugu for kids.
Kids Special

The other sections cover interesting things to read for Telugu audience but these are not as hot as the earlier sections. They are covered in different pages of the main page.
Sahityam (telugu literature)

Antaryami (Religious – really good one)

Astrology related (Graham – Anugraham)

Weather News (not a forecast)

Job Opportunities (Udyoga Avakashalu)

Eenadu Exclusives (cool things to read if you have time)

Eenadu Classifieds (want to see ads?)

Eenadu also provides their exclusive Telugu Calender for 2009.

Finally for latest news (fresh news or Taja Varthalu) just go to the Eenadu main page and scroll down to read the list one by one.

You should note that all these links are for the online edition that is quickly loadable in your browser and readable. The epaper edition which looks exactly like the printed edition is at a different site but needs you to register and login to access it!

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