NASA gets hacked, source codes released

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NASA’s subdomain website gets hacked by an hacker named “LegitHacker97“. The website belongs to a US government computer as mentioned on it’s homepage.

***** WARNING *****

This is a US Government computer

It is a shocking news to hear that NASA has got hacked, an entity which has robust, latest security to protect its data and it’s network.

The source code has also been released by the hacker and uploaded to the following link:

The source code is in compressed format which is about 82.51MB (337MB uncompressed). The file was dumped 5 days ago on the internet, and the website source code is written in ASP.

The hacker also left a small note on pastebin which can be viewed here.

This is My First Major release, it is NASA website.

Download from DropBox :

Download from ThePiratebay :
Greetz to Sl1nk, Raw-x, NullCrew, TheHackerNews, Saturnine, S3rver.exe, Dark-X, Tr0n, and more!

Zip size : 84.5 MB
Normal size : 337 MB

This contain’s .aspx files the web file’s html files blogs/fourm EVERYTHING haha

Hacked by the legithacker97

After contacting the hacker he described “”This was hacked by a major LFI vulnerability which allowed me to upload my own shell (backdoor to the site) and I took advantage of it by downloading all off the website !“. He add ,”But now vulnerability is fixed

The files uploaded by the hacker actually belong to the subdomain

The sub domain is actually meant for authorised users and it is unclear how he got into that part of the website.

nasa website source code

It is highly possible that the hacker would have used “Social Engineering” in order to get access to that part of the website. is meant for “NASA Space Launch System Technical Document Access” and one needs to request for an account to access all those documents. This can be done by contact Officer McCollister.

The thing about social engineering is, there is no real patch for human stupidity although the security used by NASA is extremely robust.

…and hence NASA’s website source code has been released!

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