SARS 2 – A new virus found in Saudi Arabia

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A virus which is responsible for Severe acute respiratory syndrome caused a major pandemic in 2002 and 2003. This was then commonly known as SARS. The SARS virus was first found in Honk Kong which soon spread to 37 countries.

Since the last case in 2003, SARS was never to be seen or heard of again, but that definitely doesn’t mean it has been totally eradicated from nature. Small populations of SARS still survive in animal populations and could be probably evolving until now…

…two cases of a virus similar to SARS have been encountered in Saudi Arabia. The medical experts are monitoring if this virus is spreading. Both the cases encountered involve coronavirus (named for the corona, or a halo, visible around the virus as seen under the microscope) that causes problems like pneumonia and kidney failure in the infected.

One of the confirmed cases is a 49 year old man in ICU in a London hospital. He was immediately transferred to London from Qatar on September 11. Two other cases have died of the newly discovered virus.

WHO (World health organization) said ““Given that this is a novel coronavirus, WHO is currently in the process of obtaining further information to determine the public health implications of these two confirmed cases”

The major concern is that, this virus has come at a potentially dangerous time when a lot of Islamic pilgrims would visit Mecca on eve of Hajj. Saudi Arabia opened its borders on September 17 for the pilgrims. Although, a great number of people would visit Mecca during the end of October. About 2 million Muslims from around the world are expected to visit Mecca. There is a big risk if the virus breaks out in the open it could cause a pandemic more severe than ever which could be difficult to contain.



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    Nice post.
    Also a SARS like virus recently found is south east.

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