Possible fix to MW2 not working after 1337a patch.

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Problem: mp_abandon is not found.

This happens when you install the old auto updater.

SOLUTION to this problem is to get this UPDATER.

When you extract this updater, it wont work if you directly extract into main folder. follow the folowing steps:

1. Open the archive and you will see 3 folders. “aiw-content” “aiw-dlc1” and “aiw-dc2”.

Lets see the first folder

go into the aiw-content folder and you will find a “main” folder.

extract the “main” folder from archive into the “main” folder of your game directory which is usually ..\mw2\main\

2. Go into the dlc1 folder now and you will find a folder named “zone” extract that zone folder into your

..\mw2\zone\english folder.

3. Similarly follow step 2 for the aiw-dlc2 folder.

After this is done, you should not get any errors.

IF YOU WANT DLCs please get them from DLC repository

Find the main POST OVER HERE: http://nuclearrambo.no-ip.org/wordpress/?p=46

Please report any more errors and i will try to fix them.

PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO for those who have difficulty in understanding english.

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