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Activate windows 8.1
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Assuming that you know that the KMS activation for Windows 8.1 was changed and the old method of KMS activation for Windows 8 did not work for Windows 8.1. The KMS encryption in KMS v6 that shipped with Windows 8.1 was changed and the old KMS activator did not work. Just a few days ago, someone was able to crack the KMS v6 and thus able to activate Windows 8.1.

No need to worry, KMS activator for Windows 8.1 is here. All you have to do is follow a few simple steps to activate Windows 8.1 using a nice little tool called KMSpico.

Windows 8.1 start menu

KMS Activate your Windows 8.1 installation

Step 1: Download KMSpico.exe from this link: KMSpico / Password: 2013

Step 2: Install KMSpico by disabling the Smartscreen on Windows 8.1

Step 3: Run KMSELDI and Autopico

Step 4: Make Tokens Backup

Step 5: Select the Volume License or Retail depending on the License status.

Step 6: Convert to Volume License if you are on a Retail version of Windows 8.1

Step 7: Activate Windows for 180 Days.

Proof of activation can be seen here:

KMS activator for Windows 8.1 KMSpico activation

Windows 8.1 has been activated by KMS activator

Method 2:

If you cannot run KMSpico then you can follow simple steps to do it by CMD.

Step 1: Open CMD as Administrator

Step 2: Type

slmgr /ipk <setup key>

and then press enter. This will install the Windows 8.1 volume license key.

NOTE: I cannot give you a Windows 8.1 Key. If you want to download a Windows 8.1 Activation Key please click LIKE button and then comment below.


Step 3: Now add a KMS server to your KMS list:

 slmgr /skms

Step 7: Activate your Windows with this command

slmgr /ato

After this your windows will be activated and you are ready to go. I hope you find the KMS activator for Windows 8.1 helpful. Please leave a comment to let me know.

If you want to KMS activate Office 2013 on Windows 8.1 click on the link and you will get a nice tutorial.

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    KMSpico Windows 10 Activator is a similar tool that is utilized to activate Microsoft Products, for example, Microsoft Office and Other Windows.

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