My Top 10 things i do when i am bored or exhausted

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Sometimes, not having something to do, a state of boredom activates, where an individual doesn’t feel like doing anything or doesn’t know what to do. Unfortunately, for the majority of people, this problem persists and remains a constant in our daily lives. Why?? Because the majority of us work from 9 am – 5 pm almost every day of the week. The first thing usually most of the people say when they come home is “I am bored”.

Being bored can also being associated with being monotonous (doing day after day the same things). When you get home absolutely exhausted, there is no mood to do something (or anything at all) anymore. Speaking truthfully, there are people (like me for example) that has a hint of chronic depression or they actually have it. Hence, saying “i am bored” is the usual term used daily.
Boredom is a major hidden symptom of depression. Depressed people often do not have someone they can rely on for support. Arriving home to find no one to tell your problems to is very frustrating and further increase the symptoms of, depression.
I am bored too whenever i get home from work. Fortunately i found some things to do to remove that thought from mind. Here are my top things i do when i feel that i am bored:


That does wonders. Nothing beats taking a bath after coming from work all sweaty and tired. Usually it’s preferred a real bath and not just a shower, giving yourself time to sit in the water to relax and forget about worries . I would recommend a massage bathtub;I am bord bathtub


Some might not like this idea, some would. The fact is, the best way to remove thoughts is by  I am bored read a bookreplacing them with new ones. It can be achieved by reading a book that can describe a passion. An example would be: A book about psychology, crafts, good story novels etc.

It is recommended to read at least 1 – 2 hours for significant effects. I know you hate reading, but do you also hate the things you are passionate about? It would increase knowledge & relaxes you a lot.


This idea might seem a tad weird. Watch a movie that is so mind F***ed that will activate your thinking pattern. Give a try, search on google – top best mind f*** movies to watch or something along Shocked i am boredthose lines. I recommend personally to watch Interstellar, The Fountain, The Machinist, Black Swan, Jacob’s Ladder, Silence of the lambs, American Psycho,

Avoid movies that would further the boredom. They can be easily spotted right at the beginning. Comedy movies might work together with mind f*** movies but it really depend on your preference.

Watch as many movies as you can for significant effect.


Might not be the case for everyone but in honest opinion, pc games or any sort of virtual game is practically the best way to relax , communicate with foreigners, compete with other players, complete quests and overall have fun.

Multiplayer or, singleplayer if you wish. That way the thoughts are replaced with the focus on the tasks at hand (in the games). Also, never worry that people will say crap about bad you are at the game. Just ignore, unless they know you in real life.

Some people might argue that games bring about negative or positive effects on thi am bored video gamese brain or making you even more depressed. Playing violent video games will eventually result the player will become very aggressive. That’s part true . Violent games might make someone aggressive if taken too seriously.

But if you play for fun, to relax and not to be the best, won’t happen to you. About the positive effects, i already mentioned fun , relaxation, the ability to perform multitasking, make your brain react faster to 3D events that happen, be able to write fast, get involved with emotions there and not in real life (good for depressed people).

So remember, the key here is to have fun and not take it too seriously. Otherwise, giving way to frustration, unhappiness cause you haven’t achieved a goal, leads to disappointment which eventually leads to being more restless than before.

When i am bored or exhausted, i try to play games that rely more on casual playstyle than on fast paced. You should do the same.


Who wouldn’t be passionate about something? Reading this post is a passion for example. Because one likes to read a lot – books – articles – newspapers. In everything there is in this world, there is passion.

Some people are extremely passionate about something that increases their enthusiasm so much that they desire to give more time to that thing they are passionate about. I’d like to focus more on a passion that should be related to sports.

As i can guess the majority of us haven’t found the perfect job we could be passionate about doing it daily, focusing on sports can fill the gap.

Ever enjoyed a sport recently which increased the desire to want to do it more often ? That’s probably something one needs to look into. It might be a passion that could lead to a happy and healthy life.

Usually, people don’t drive themselves too much into the things they are passionate about because;

A sport can require physical stress, maybe financial, or if you plan on becoming pro you require logistical too (a support team, papers, coahes etc) and emotional (the most important) to focus mentally at all times.

I promise that if you find a sport that fits your passion, the words “i am bored” disappear completely from your mindset. What sports do i do for passion? Archery and Sword practice. The only thing i regret is that i had not enough time to read more about how i can become a better archer or swordsman. It does feel extremely nice and fulfilling to do such beautiful sports.


Health is an important factor for our well being. Fast foods, not exercising regularly, a straight “i am bored” mindset, relatives saying that you can’t do anything, all of these can lead to a sedentary lifestyle. Hence, illnesses and your well being get crushed with maximum power.

There are several benefits for exercising and fortunately one of them is depression. Exercising can make you forget about depression and focus mentally as much as possible, adding will power in the process on the exercise itself.

Illnesses are relieved a lot with proper exercise, helps prevent diabetes, some types of cancer and strokes and proves extremely beneficial to relieving stress.

It is said that during exercise, our brains releases two powerful chemicals that are responsible for our adrenaline, well being for that particular moment, an awesome focus on the thing we are doing and practically boosts energy ten fold, decreases the stress mentioned in the above paragraph and relieving depression.

Those two chemicals are called Endorphins and Serotonin .

The two exercise techniques that i use are called Qi gong and Tai chi . You can click on the names to find out more about what they are. I can assure you nothing is fake, your energy will boost up 1000x fold with these exercises if done regurarly and properly. I will make references in the future about these two exercises that i love so much.


When feeling bored, depressed, frustrated, stressed out, just take a ride to the closest forest. Once arrived, remove your shoes and walk bare feet on the ground. Even though the effects might not be visible at that moment, they do happen.

All beings in this world are born naked and with no shoes on. That was because humans , animals etc have adapted to Mother Earth’s energy. It is said that this energy comes from Earth and from Cosmos to get yourself in balance.


Like to the person that is writing this article and like many others, a blog means a way to express one’s feelings into words for others to read. Most people that had success with their blogs is because they used passion as the main fuel type.

You can also build a blog and start writing about what you like, what you do, what would you like to do without feeling ashamed of expressing yourself.

There are thousands of tutorials on how to start a blog. Writing helped me relieve depression, gave me a purpose, allowed my inner self to express itself to no limit.


This can be anything from web design, C++ programming, 3D modeling and animation, Java, Phyton. There are many ways to interpret these for own interest. All require creativity and imagination though.

Almost all the software have a learning curve with several requirements. Fortunately, people that created the softwares and languages offer a lot of tutorials so a lot of consumers / clients can experience the best outcome.

One of my favorite software is called 3ds max. Being able to bring virtual shapes, edges, polygons to life, forming a whole, really stirred my interest. However, this hobby of mine was costly enough, the software not being open source. If you’d like to try free open source software try Blender.

Try finding something that fits your interest:

-What do you want to do virtually  – create worlds, dig deeper into programming for games, for architecture, for electronics, for medicine research etc

-Can you afford it financially?

-Do i really need it?


Music is everywhere, overwhelming us with emotions, motivation, imagination, magic. It is recommended that everyone chooses the best genre for their current mood status. If you feel angry and frustrated, choose tranquil genre. If exercising or meditating, choose meditation genre. If workout, get some motivational action genre.

Music does alter our frequencies in the brain, being able to change our mood immediately or very soon after.

For those with depression, i recommend wolves sounds + music, any kind of instrumental music, indian chants and classic rock.

Until the next time folks!



As a person that feels intrigued by technology, lots of opportunities that came in my way opened my eyes for a better view of the future. I cherish the times we live in! There is no better time but now to learn as much as we can, and share it with the world. I am currently working with surveillance and networking systems, other related IT things too. I am looking forward to write amazing content for our readers.

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