Get healthy by doing Tai Chi exercises – Learn how to do it right now

get healthy with tai chi exercises
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Human beings go through their day, ignoring their body, mind and sometimes even their soul. To get healthy is an important role in our life. As a result of ignoring, illnesses make themselves comfy within our body.

Eating bio food, going to the gym, running can’t equalise the energy lost at work or our bad habits. Stress and depression might be the worse things that could happen to anyone. Learn to take health to a new whole level with ancient Chinese techniques.
One of these techniques is Tai Chi. It helps anyone that practices it, to self-develop beyond the limit. This self-development obtains a new perspective on meditation, health and self-awareness.
A simple introduction of what is Tai Chi would start like this. Beings are born with two natural energies that govern the universe. Chinese called them Yin (cold, dark, negative, female) and Yang (hot, light, positive, male).Get healthy with Tai chi
Even sexual relationships have their deep roots in Tai Chi art. A male needs yin as much as he has yang. Females also need yang as much as they have yin. Furthermore, any being that lives on this planet needs sex or making love. This is universe’s design, or, by default, God’s design.
Hence, a male with a lack of yin starts feeling physical pain and emotional charges. Same goes for females.
As a matter of fact, Tai Chi was a martial art that was very efficient and dangerous in the wrong hands. Chinese that were training in that art, masked it, in the form of slow movements, so it wouldn’t get stolen by the enemy.
Now, in our time, it’s used for health, it’s practised by many people around the globe.

Any being has Chi

Chi is the universal energy of every living thing, nature, planets, stars etc. For this reason, you could also say it’s God’s energy.
Living beings such as humans create electromagnetic energy. By eating food or breathing oxygen, we transform these into energy or Chi. In view of our modern time, pollution, unhealthy food unbalanced our Chi, making it weak.

Get healthy with Tai chi now

To clarify it further, it uses the principles of nature and universe. Our belly button area was the main source of Chi when we were born. We had unlimited energy for that time being. Consequently, with ageing, it started becoming dormant.
Benefits of doing Tai Chi exercises:
  • Best energy stimulus;
  • Maintains the best health level for heart;
  • Helps with balance – Physically and meta-emotionally;
  • Resistance to illnesses;
  • Better blood flow and energy circulation;
  • Stimulates the immune system;
  • It can practice by anyone at any age;
  • Folks can practice at any given location;
  • Helps depressed/overstressed people;
  • Helps people suffering from diabetes as well;
I first saw tai chi form from my brother. He learned from the same videos that I will post at the end of this article.
Get healthy with exercising Tai chi
Of course, Chinese monks were doing qi gong, tai chi exercises coupled with acupuncture and herb treatments, daily.
Different Tai chi styles you can choose from:
  • Chen-style
  • Yang-style
  • Wu- or Wu (Hao)-style
  • Wu-style
  • Sun-style
Watch this movie with a complete Tai Chi form as explained and shown by Earl Montaigue that unfortunately passed away in 2011. Let’s get healthy together!





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