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Once again, my attention was drawn at the heading "Free McDonalds Voucher (Limited Offer). Who doesn't want to eat free food at McDonalds? I went on and clicked the linked as usual to check what is the big deal here. Ofcourse, as my ninja instincts suggested this turned out to be a scam.

There is an event floating around on the facebook. The realtime facebook updates is something that is used by the hackers to gain the access of your MIND. I saw one of my friend's attending the facebook event called Free McDonalds Voucher. The thing that my friend is attending that event had an impact on my mind which made me click.

The facebook event says the following:

Celebrating a whopping $50 billion revenue in 2011, McDonalds has decided to give away Free Vouchers to our loyal customers.

How does this work? Follow these steps :

Step 1 : Click on "Join" at the top of the page.
... ...
Step 2 : Click " Invite Friends" at the top of the page and select your friends and click SUBMIT. Voucher Price depends upon amount of friends you invite.

Invite 50 Friends = $20 Voucher
Invite 100 Friends = $50 Voucher
Invite 200 Friends = $100 Voucher
Invite 500 Friends = $150 Voucher

[NOTE : To select friends faster, press TAB and SPACE repeatedly.]

Step 3 : http://xxxxxx.xxxx/K7BHdU < Go here after completing above two steps to get your voucher.


The link above has been black listed to avoid further spam.

The main intention of this event is to make it go viral among the facebook users. That means, you have to invite certain number of friends before you can proceed. The impact that it creates on the people was clearly seen in the first paragraph where I described my situation. When someone sees their friends clicking on a link, where you are promised of getting free McDonalds vouchers, he/she would be tempted to click it and follow the steps, which in turn will spread this to more number of people and so on........

If you click on the link,

1. your facebook data will be compromised by the hacker

2. There is a high chance that your data will be sold by the hackers, which in short tells me that it would be falling into wrong hands, so dont be surprised to what happens next.

3. Following the steps will help the hackers compromise your friend's personal information.

4. Hackers will earn HUGE amount of money if you click on that link.

Similar SCAMs have been going viral on facebook recently and I have tried my best to investigate and report the major ones.


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