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Coppersmith barbet spotted in Mumbai

What a surprise! I was able to spot a coppersmith barbet in Mumbai, that too in a very crowded area like Dadar. Dadar is currently experiencing a lot of redevelopment of land. New tall buildings are being constructed everyday and the number of trees have

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Lush Green around concretized Mumbai

Decided to take a look around my own house in Dadar (Mumbai) to capture some images and here are some of them. Since, I am not able to go out to countryside to feel theĀ essenceĀ of nature, I decided to stay happy with the greenery I

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Lonad Caves – Kalyan

One of my friends had been to Lonad Caves which are located on the outskirts of Mumbai and he brought me back a bunch of pictures which I am going to share with you people. Just a little Geographic information about this place: Coordinates: 19.3137

Monsoon Roadtrip

Randomly decided to go out for a roadtrip today morning. We all sat in the car and began to drive towards the Eastern express highway and then we thought of going to Lonavala, Khandala. If you don’t know then look up on google maps. Since,

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Welcome monsoon!?

Taking pics since last night…..A lot of monsoon winds flowing since past few days, and this brings in the clouds from the arabian sea into west coast of india. full moon night Ok it is morning now… A few minutes later…clouds cover the sky. Above

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Pigeons are my favourite observing subject…And sometimes i bother to take pictures of them and some of those pictures are here.