Water, the drops of life

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As one of the saying goes, we cannot realize the value of something when we have it plentiful. We tend to take things for granted when we have them with us, but when it is taken away from us, we realize it's true value. Same goes for water, the citizens living in Mumbai have plentiful of water supply throughout the year, and hence we tend to use it without realizing the problems and hardships that our own people in other parts of India have to suffer!

All of this came to my mind when I saw the people at construction site using drinkable water to keep the concrete cast wet! As such, there are hundreds of construction sites in Mumbai which use large quantities of water just to keep the concrete cast wet. I know it is a necessary procedure, but as humans, our first priority should be supplying drinkable water to our citizens instead of providing over flowing amounts of water to already fat and greedy people of metropolitan areas.

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