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Ixam hosting review

Some of you may know or some of you might not, Nuclearrambo.com uses Ixam-hosting solutions for hosting this website. Currently nuclearrambo recieved a great deal of visitors everyday and I have to appreciate Ixam hosting for providing a good service to this website. About few months ago I shifted nuclearrambo.com to ixam hosting solutions because the previous host was not able to handle the traffic we used to get. Since this blog uses wordpress, when a lot of users come at once, it slows down. I will write down a complete experience I had with Ixam hosting solutions.

Technical Support

The quality of technical support from Ixam hosting is excellent. Whenever I have had problems I have sent a ticket and the response time was not that great. But most of the time I would get a response pretty fast within 30mins.A lot of time the problem was solved within an hour leaving apart a few incidences which took more than a day to fix.



Ixam hosting solution's servers are located in RO (Thats what I am using right now) and give a pretty decent latency world wide (except Australia). Their server is able handle my wordpress site without any hassle. 99% of the time site loads within 10 seconds except for a few instances when we experienced a big slow down.

RATING: 4.5/5


The uptime claimed by ixam hosting is 99.9%, but ofcourse thats a marketting thing. The uptime we experienced withing first 15 days of our service was somewhere around 94%. After we expressed the uptime concern to the technical staff, things changed, the uptime increased. Currently we have experienced approximate uptime of 97-98% in Month of May (till 18/5/2012). Except for a day when our website was down for ~9 hours when they were upgrading their hardware and replacing hard drives. It was pretty annoying to be down on one of the productive days, nevertheless ixam hosting has a good service over all and we hope that they offer us a better and better service in coming months.


Over rating for Ixam hosting: 4/5

I hope this review has helped some of the readers who are interested in buying their service. I would definitely suggest to buy their services which indeed are inexpensive.

You can BUY their services which starts at 2$ / mo. and so on.

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