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Office 2013 KMS activator for windows 8.1
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Few weeks ago when Windows 8.1 was released to the public, it came with KMS v6 which had new kind of encryption. KMS v6 had disabled a lot of old activators and there was no way to activate Windows 8.1 nor there was any way to activate Office 2013 on Windows 8.1.

Some of the leet haxOrs have managed to crack the KMS v6 encryption thus bringing it back for activation purposes.

KMS Activate Office 2013 On Windows 8.1

NOTE: If you had installed Office 2013 on your earlier Windows 8 installation, you will find that the Office 2013 had begun to show “not activated” errors after installing Windows 8.1. The new KMS activator will be able to fix those problems.

If you are having a new system with Windows 8.1 and not able to activate Office 2013, this activator will definitely help you activate Office 2013 with very little efforts.

Please note that this activator will not activate Windows 8.1. It is only meant for Office 2013 on Windows 8.1.

Step 1: Open CMD as Administrator
Step 2: If on windows 8.1 X86 : cd \Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office15
B: if on windows 8.1 X64 : cd \Program Files (X86)\Microsoft Office\Office15
– if Office 64 bit : cd \Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office15

Step 3. You will need to install the Office KMS client key using this command

cscript ospp.vbs /inpkey:{ENTER KEY}

If you want to download the Office 2013 Key, Please like this post by clicking the like button and then tweeting it on twitter and then comment below. The key will be sent to you. 


Step 4. Set the KMS host server with the command below:
cscript ospp.vbs /sethst:

Step 5. Activate your Office 2013 Installation on Windows 8.1: cscript ospp.vbs /act

Proof that this method works:

Office 2013 KMS activator windows 8.1

Office 2013 Activated on Windows 8.1

A new Windows 8.1 KMS activator will be posted soon on!

As Promised, the KMS activator for Windows 8.1 has been posted. Head over there to get your Windows 8.1 activated.


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    as you will tell I am not very Knowledgeable on these things but I have a question, I have installed and run the KMS and it has activated by MO Pro + 2013….can i now remove the KMS?

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