Onbux scam

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You must be knowing how paid to click sites work (PTC sites). We have to register with them and they give us advertisements to click. We have to click a limited number of advertisements regularly everyday and in return we get some money. We can even rent referrals, refer some friends and when they click their ads, we get some money from their clicks. This way the PTC sites are working.

One of the popular PTC site after neobux is onbux.com. It recently turned out to be scam since the number of users on their site grew so much that it became impossible to pay everyone. Some people who had bought golder membership were banned from the system. Golden members are those members who have paid certain amount (~100$) to get special preference. With golden membership you get more money for every click and also more money from your referral clicks. So in short, your earning rate increases. Some people have managed to maintain their account so well that they were earning 50$ everyday. Alin (manager) of this blog too had a golden membership on onbux.com. fotunately he was able to get back his investment of 90$ and made a profit of 30$. Thats all! He could have made MUCH MUCH more than that if onbux didn’t maintained their status in the industry. The greed for more members when they can’t afford has now officially eaten up the onbux’s paypal cash itself!

Alin earned additional 90$ after getting back the investment. He requested the money and the transaction got stuck! He immediately reported it on onbux forums. But the onbux staff gave excuses saying “that the account is under review and you will be paid in next few days” The next few days has never come up. Alin now made additional 100$. But he cant withdraw the money because the previous 90$ are stuck. And the account is still under review until yesterday when the account was terminated for no reason!

Onbux staff even threatened Alin that they would not pay him if he kept asking about getting the account reviewed as soon as possible. Account review doesnt take more than 1 week. But 2 months, that is just too much.

Along with Alin there are several other members whose accounts are terminated like this for no reason at all. Most of the members had good standing accounts with well managed referrals and probably earning a good deal of money using a good strategy that they had developed. The strategy was ofcourse legal and didn’t violate any TOS rules.

So I declare that onbux.com has turned into yet another PTC scam.


Salil is an electronics enthusiast working on various RF and Microwave systems. In his free time he writes on the blog, talks over ham radio or builds circuits. He has Yaesu FT2900R VHF transceiver, FT450D HF transceiver and a TYT UV8000E Handheld transceiver.

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