The “Free” Samsung Galaxy S3 SCAM

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free samsung galaxy s3

While browsing over facebook this morning I came across some notifications which said “Free samsung galaxy S3 phones” if you attend an event! I took a pause and check out what is the matter with “free” phones. As soon as I click on the notification it took my to the even page where some details were given about how to acquire this phone. The details go as follows:

As a Promotional offer , Samsung has decided to give away 10,000 Galaxy S3 and 10,000 Galaxy Note FREE to our users online.How does this work ? Follow these steps : (SCROLL DOWN / SEE MORE *)Step 1 : Click on “Join” at the top of the page.Step 2 : Click ” Invite Friends” at the top of the page and select your friends and click SUBMIT. Gift voucher you receive depends upon amount of friends you invite.Invite 50 Friends = Samsung Galaxy S2
Invite 100 Friends = Samsung Note
Invite 200 Friends = Samsung S3
Invite 500 Friends = Samsung Galaxy S3 + Galaxy Note[NOTE : To select friends faster, press TAB and SPACE repeatedly.]Step 3 : Comment – ” Great 😀 Thanks Samsung ! ” below.Step 4 : <- Go here after completing above two steps.IMPORTANT : Please perform all the steps carefully, every step is important. Recipients would be contacted shortly via Facebook Messages. 

I have removed the link to the actual blog to prevent further spam. 


The question arises, what would you get when you follow this procedure? To be very blunt and truthful, you shall get nothing but you would be wasting your precious time trying to complete steps which get you nothing but false hopes. Apart from this, you are compromising your facebook data to someone who will make use of it for purpose of SPAM.

What does the ‘fake’ event creator get?

He gets a ton of facebook likes, he gets a ton of people who are caught in his bait, he earns a lot of money by wasting your time!

You may wonder how does he do this? So lets get into the details of this scam!

  •  As you follow the steps, you will be sharing and inviting a massive amount of friends that you have. Which will result in notifications been shown up on their facebook accounts. if they are not aware of such a scam, they would immediately click on the link and proceed to follow the steps given on the “event page”.
  • The event would go viral which would bring in thousands upon thousands of facebook members to attend this event, because who doesn’t want free “Samsung Galaxy s3” ?
  • One of the steps in the given procedure is to click on a link which takes you to another website.
  • On that website, you are asked to complete a survey/offer. completing this survey/offer will earn the scammer LARGE amounts of cash in a very short time.

  • Considering the amount of interested visitors following these procedures without any mistake, and considering that each completed offer yeilds approximately 2$, the scammer is earning as much as $50000 to $100000 until the end of the created “Event”. 
  • Now, you have to think ‘ Do you want to help the scammer earn this large amount of cash while you get nothing but fooled!?”

Thus, the free Samsung Galaxy s3 Scam has been revealed before you. I hope this blog post has been an EYE OPENER for you readers. I really wish that you share and like this post in support to spreading awareness about this massive scandal.

This kind of “Events” are happening very often for almost every in-demand consumer electronics such as Iphone, ipads, etc. Be aware that they are not real even if they appear to be very convincing and legitimate.

You can also read about the FREE RECHARGE SCAM that has been analysed and tracked down by our networks.

UPDATE: Few days ago Samsung Galaxy S4 specs were leaked! The new Samsung Galaxy S4 is definitely a boost to the current S3.

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Salil is an electronics enthusiast working on various RF and Microwave systems. In his free time he writes on the blog, talks over ham radio or builds circuits. He has Yaesu FT2900R VHF transceiver, FT450D HF transceiver and a TYT UV8000E Handheld transceiver.

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    thanks salil doing nyc job

  2. Vivian says:

    Thanks for your post I was immediately suspicious when I got the invite.

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    […] time to go viral and spread across the network. We have seen the free iPhone scam, mcDonalds scam, samsung galaxy s3 scam and so many more! Two more dangerous viral links have been noticed on the network and it is about […]

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