Flamingoes at Sewri

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I gave Sewri mudflats a visit recently, to check out the migrating flamingoes arriving over there. Apart from Flamingoes, there were other birds such as wades, the great egrets, sea gulls and most vibrant; the kingfisher.

Lets get to the images straight away!

Flamingos will stay in Sewri mudflats till end of June and will migrate back to north. If you are a bird enthusiast, be sure to go and give them a quick visit.

Although the birds are very far off, in order to view them you will need binoculars or hire a boat at Airoli. But again, hiring a boat is expensive (~Rs 1500 for 3 hours)

Using large focal length telephoto lens is the best option to capture the best images.

I have used Nikon L120 which has 21x zoom. Again that was not enough, and I had to crop the images to get a better view of flamingo's activity.

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