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The Chinese forums are filled with thousands of premium cracked software. Those who know Chinese are lucky to browse across endless forum threads that giveaway much needed cracked software. The reason being a flourishing electronics and engineering industry. Small-scale businesses simply can't afford the multi-thousand dollar software. Their only source to move ahead is to get kickstarted on cracked software. As you know, the startup scene in China is huge and so are the cracked software forums.

Here, I present to you one such finding; Cadence OrCAD 17.2 in full working condition. Installing it is extremely easy. Simply follow the few steps below and you will be all set to run OrCAD 17.2.


1. Remove the old version of Cadence and clean up the registry.
2. Disable antivirus.
3. Unzip the folder AleegoCrackMasterV2_1_2.7z
4. View inside AleegoCrackMasterV2_1_2 / AleegoCrackMasterV2 folder and run as Administrator AleegoCrackMasterV2.exe file
5. Remove the scoreboard in the middle by a closing cross.
6. Press the lower right corner button.
7. In the window that appears on the second line with the first button to select the file in the folder Distr_Cadence Cadence SPB 17.2-2016
8. In the third line by pressing the button on the right to select the disk where the package will be installed
9. Click in the lower right corner of the last button
10. In the window that appears click on the blue circle three times
11. A window will open that will display the installation process

password is

Now for those who want to know more about OrCAD 17.2

PSpice Systems Solution

The integration of Cadence® PSpice® with MathWorks MATLAB and Simulink provides a complete system-level simulation solution for PCB design and implementation. Utilize PSpice for analog/mixed-signal simulation and perform MATLAB/Simulink behavioral-level modeling, analysis, and visualization in a single, integrated system design and debug environment, improving productivity and accelerating time to market.

Interactive3D Canvas Updates with Rigid-Flex

We are continuously adding new functionalities to the OrCAD Interactive3D Canvas. Now you can even visualize bending of a multi-zone rigid-flex design. You can view its folded state, conduct collision checks when the design is bent, and measure a selected path in 3D mode. Key 3D features in OrCAD 17.2 include:

  • 3D bending of flex materials
  • 3D component placement and movement
  • 3D spacing measurements

Seamless MCAD-ECAD Collaboration

The MCAD collaboration environment in the OrCAD PCB Editor streamlines the collaboration process by enabling a shared IDX-based repository that both OrCAD tools and other MCAD tools can read and write. It reduces the concern for managing multiple changes and errors that may occur during the design cycle. Since the OrCAD MCAD-ECAD solution is based on a IDX-based repository, it’s vendor neutral. In other words, any MCAD solution that supports IDX should be able to integrate with OrCAD. With OrCAD, collaboration with MCAD engineers is just as easy as the push of a button.

General Productivity Enhancements

Command Window - The command window keeps a log of all your activity and makes it quick to invoke a command. Just type your command and press enter. View Video

Dynamic Component Alignment – Align your components dynamically with snapping guidelines similar to Microsoft tools.

Dynamic Ratsnesting – Update your ratsnests in real time during component movement.

Multi-Destination Paste – New copy/paste behavior allows multi-destination pasted and copied items to be stored and recalled later.


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9 thoughts on “Cadence OrCAD 17.2 full download”

  1. Zoonepe says:

    Hi, this version is working properly?, because I’ve seen that 16.6 version it was not cracked well.

    1. Ronald Barcia says:

      Yes, it does. I’ve already installed it and it works perfectly

  2. Ennio Spineti says:

    non riesco a visualizzare il download

  3. Xavier Francis says:

    Hi.. Any video tutorials available for above installation bcz i suffer due to language problem..

  4. ariu says:


    In step 7 ” 7. In the window that appears on the second line with the first button to select the file in the folder Distr_Cadence Cadence SPB 17.2-2016” — which file are you referring to?

  5. genc says:

    In Step 7 ” 7. In the window that appears on the second line with the first button to select the file in the folder Distr_Cadence Cadence SPB 17.2-2016” , I cannot find the file Please help

  6. Ronald Barcia says:

    It works perfectly. For installation I had just followed the steps mentioned before. Thanks for the program.

  7. Jalakam kiran says:

    Can i get the chinese forum’s website address??

  8. Ted says:

    Note for point 7: do not extract the .7z file!!

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