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Google redirect virus fix 1

Google redirect virus fix

Is your browser acting strange? Like when you type in google , for example and then you click on it, it automatically redirects you either to dangerous websites, foreign etc, or redirects you...

Hiv test 0

Hiv test

  For Low-Risk people, a positive result from an HIV TEST is wrong half the time.   Although a lot of progress has been made in improving the length and quality of life for...

Write an article for us 0

Write an article for us

Write an article for us based on any topic that you feel interesting. If we like it, we will give you a special secret gift. ($$) Email your article to

Did you know? 0

Did you know?

  Did you know that the ten commandments we always see aren’t really the ten commandments?   First Amendment battles continue to rage across the US over the posting of the TenCommand-ments in public...

MTNL Triband 2Mbps on Sunday 0

MTNL Triband 2Mbps on Sunday

MTNL has unofficially launched a new scheme of giving its customers 2Mbps bandwidth on sundays. If you are on a plan which has bandwidth below 2Mbps, then you are going to get full 2Mbps...

My flute has finally arrived! 0

My flute has finally arrived!

Today i finally got my Alto D Wind Dizi Chinese Bamboo Flute i waited for a month and few days. Although i had some problems when picking it i am so very happy i...