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how to watch movies online without downloading
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Watching movies is something almost anyone has done and will still do it in the future. But what happens when you have to watch the movies you love and new releases on the internet but being asked to download the movie or the stream just breaks. Not to mention the frustrating moment when the English subtitles are absent or whatever language you wish it had. I am offering you a way to watch movies online without downloading and does not require an IT specialization to do it either. This post is directed towards any age!

What can this software do?

This is an awesome open source media player software called KODI , developed by XBMC Foundation, a non-profit organization. It gives you the potential to port it to Windows , macOS, Android, iOS, APPLE TV OS and Linux operating systems. Except from watching movies online without downloading, it also offers listening to music without downloading, other videos and podcasts. This software, obviously, requires an internet connection every time you want to watch a movie. I have to warn you though! There are so many TV channels and movies once you install enough addons that it might confuse you at first, same happened to me, but you will get used to this.
This software is easy to learn, once mastered you will be doing it with eyes closed. As a bonus i want to give you an idea. Find clients that have a pc and don’t have a TV or find people that just want that installed on their PC or Smartphone and ask for payment. That way you do a great job and you get money out of this as well. Don’t tell me you haven’t had people talking about watching movies online.
FOLLOW THESE STEPS to find out how to install the software and start to watch movies online without downloading. Click on the following links to start :
  • STEP 1 – Installation;
  • STEP 2 – Setup Fusion stream link;
  • STEP 3 – Setup Add-ons and Subtitles;
  • STEP 4 – Change options in the settings for interface and media player
  • STEP 5 – How to use the Add-ons.


First you have to download the software from here: DOWNLOAD

Kodi download softwarePress on RC : Installer below the Windows 10 Logo – Save the file

Save file on your pc

and then Open setup

Open setup of kodiPress next and “I agree” button

Press agree buttonInstall as Full and press NEXT

Install as full and press nextInstall to a path that you choose

Install to a pathPress install to start installationPress installAfter you have installed check RUN KODI or Find the SHORTCUT that was created on desktop and run it.


On KODI interface press Settings where my arrow indicatesPress settings

Choose File ManagerFile manager

Then double click on Add SourceAdd source and double click

Press on nonePress on none

Type the following link there and press OKType into the field

Then click on the name for this media sourcePress the folder source name

Type Fusion and press OKType fusion and click OK

Click OK and Go to the main interface by pressing ESC button a couple of timesClick ok to exit and press repeatedly escape button to get to main interface


Press settings againPress settings

System settingsSystem settings

Press on add-ons and then select unknown sources to check it. A warning message will appear and you must press OK and it will activate the option. Once you have done that, press ESC couple of times to go to the main interface of KODI.Press on addons and select unknown sources and check it When warning press ok and press ESC button

While on main interface, select Add-onsPress add ons

Press the small box on top left of the interfacePress the small box

Install from zip fileInstall from zip file

Select fusion and click on it.Select fusion

Click on begin-here folderEnter begin here folder and install that zip thing

Install indigo zip file that is there by pressing one single time on it

Install plugin program indigo

After press kodi - repos folder

Press english folder

Find exodus and click on it You can install the whole list later if you want

And then install it like thisInstall from repository

Press on Exodus repository

Video addons

Click on exodus

Press install on it and will start downloading

Install Subtitle now

Install from repository

After pressing repository kodi addon repository

Click Subtitles folder and select by clicking on it

Go to subtitles and select opensubtitles org

Select opensubtitles org

And press install to install open subtitles and press escape to go to main menu

After it installs, it will bring you back to the selection page. Select again and then press configure

Press configure on opensubtitles org

At this point, you have to go to and create an account there with your username and password. Then come back to KODI and input username and password like below and press OK and ESC button to go to main menu

Type in boxes and press OK

Press settings


Click on Player settings and then choose languages like i did

Note: Below player settings you have Interface settings. Use that to change the language of your interface if you want

Player settings

Choose languages


Go to main menu and press Exodus

go to main manu and press exodus

Press movies and then Genre on top of the page after you pressed movies

Press movies and then Genre on top of the page after you pressed movies

Then select a movie and a message like this appears. You have to let it run!

Let that load completely and then select one channel from the many that it shows there

Then select a HD version or whatever it appears there and after this the movie starts. After it starts press on that icon down below for subtitles

And then press subtitles after movie started

Press download button

And select a subtitle for that movie

Done.. Now you can watch movies online without downloading anything and you have subtitles too! Good luck!


As a person that feels intrigued by technology, lots of opportunities that came in my way opened my eyes for a better view of the future. I cherish the times we live in! There is no better time but now to learn as much as we can, and share it with the world. I am currently working with surveillance and networking systems, other related IT things too. I am looking forward to write amazing content for our readers.

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