Why do we have a fear of dying

Fear of dying
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All organic beings die in this world, it’s inevitable. Life cannot exist without death and death cannot exist without life.

Sometimes when we are too stuck with our thoughts, we tend to analyze a lot about who we are. If we are negative or positive it doesn’t really matter. Once we realize we will die one day, it gets the best of us. This is intense when you already lived for ~30 years on this earth and feel like you haven t accomplished much.

A way of accepting

Zazen is helpful to introspect what Is the meaning of life and death. I have read some books about zazen meditation which taught me something important one was written by Taisen Deshimaru and it’s called The Zen Way To Martial Arts.

By doing Zazen meditation our minds can develop further understanding of what life means, what death means, accepting death as it is and so on.

Zazen meditation also gives you super-powers if it’s done for long enough.

The only downside to it is that it requires a lot of patience, some knowledge, a pose you might not be comfortable with, a room in which you can meditate without noises.

Another downside point is that our thoughts intervene with the meditation session. Most of the people give up when their thoughts invade their minds not being able to concentrate on the session anymore.

Enjoy the journey not the destination

Most of us humans hide behind a mask all their lives only to uncover our masks at the end of the life, being taken completely by surprise and we are not ready at all.

Knowing you are going to die today, tomorrow, in 1 week will make you value your life more and enjoy the journey instead of a destination.

Meditate daily only by yourself. Lock yourself up in a room with no sounds and just sit there and try not to think or disturb your meditation in any way possible.

Try your best to not have regrets or have little regrets.

Believe that this world was not created just by pure coincidence, but something created us. Create your own form of belief of what created us to make your life seem meaningful.

Being an atheist is fine for starters as crossing from believing in a false entity that others created for you to something that has the meaning as a belief into a creator.

This doesn’t mean some beliefs aren’t true, if you truly find ancient information, but beware of false information.

This world is not a pure coincidence after all

The universe is too large to have just been created by pure coincidence. It is known to have at least 20 billion light-years in diameter or more, hundreds of billions of galaxies with hundreds of trillions of stars.

The space between each star/galaxy is absolutely mind-boggling.

A light-year is equal to 9.461 trillion kilometers or 9.460.730.472.580.800 meters (exactly).

When the distance to a star closes 400 light-years or more, it’s mind-boggling, but a billion light-years are in a league by itself.

Scientists also believe that this universe might not be the only universe that was created, giving the possibility of parallel/multiverse theories to arise. Keep it in mind next time when you think everything is here by accident.

I’ve recently read a book called Intelligence Of Matter stating clearly that it is impossible – given the fact that nature is intelligent by itself – for our whole existence to be pure coincidence.

All this incredible information that our minds and brains can accumulate is important for our learning process on this physical plane or the spiritual plane after we have died.

Having a fear of dying is justified because, when we feel that fear, it means our purpose in life is far greater, a purpose we haven’t found yet but it is there.

Never ditch this fear of dying, because it will help develop new beliefs, new ideas, releasing you from the fear of the unknown itself! It will give you the power to move on to the end, until, eventually, you will feel like death is something you look forward to.


To actually see what happens at the end of our journey is what we need to learn eventually.

Until then, every one of us needs to find our own paths, never stop being creative, respect other beings on this earth cause they die the same way as we do and progress like we do, enjoy our journey and have no regret at the end.



As a person that feels intrigued by technology, lots of opportunities that came in my way opened my eyes for a better view of the future. I cherish the times we live in! There is no better time but now to learn as much as we can, and share it with the world. I am currently working with surveillance and networking systems, other related IT things too. I am looking forward to write amazing content for our readers.

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